Billing plan for clients site

I have a silly question about Netlify billing plan. I have a Netlify account if I want to deploy a site for clients. Do my account plan affect to all sites in my account if so how to separate a bill for each site?

Thank you in advance!

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So due to the way that Netlify handles pricing (per member with each Team being independent of any others you are a part of, with no price increase per site). It doesn’t make sense to bill per site as that doesn’t really affect pricing.

You have two options:

  1. Host your client’s website and invoice them whatever you want. This leaves you fully responsible for the hosting, etc.
  2. Create a new “Team” and then set your client as the billing administrator. This will allow you to fully offload the project to them. And they’ll have to pay at least at the Pro level.

Thank you for your advice! I like the first option.

I have more questions if you do not mind to answer.

For option one. Does it mean I have to upgrade my account to a pro plan, correct? Do I know how much usage each site has?

If you’re going with option 1, you don’t have to upgrade to the pro plan. Although I would recommend it, if for nothing else than the basic email support you get.

You get a rough breakdown of overall usage, but I don’t think the dashboard currently supports a breakdown of bandwidth usage per site.

I run an agency and we have an M&R option for our existing clients (maintenance & refinement). So, I would recommend adding other benefits than just handling hosting to your clients to make it mutually beneficial.

Edit 1:
If you want to have the bandwidth per site breakdown. You can purchase the Analytics add-on for that site. Or upgrade to business tier at $99/mo to get analytics for all of them

Thank you for answering my questions. It is very helpful.

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