Best solution for emails and Let's Encrypt


I switched my blog from a classic WordPress + php/mysql hosting to Eleventy + Netlify.

Current setup:

  • Website accessible from
  • still using the DNS servers from an external registrar
  • ALIAS from to
  • multiple email addresses forwarded to @gmail email addresses

:white_check_mark: Emails forwarding: still working
:x: Let’s Encrypt encrypt: not working

If I move the DNS servers to Netlify of course the https certificate will work but I will lost all the emails redirections.

:x:Emails forwarding: not working anymore
:white_check_mark: Let’s Encrypt encrypt: working

What is the best solution to make everything work ? I see that ImprovMX was mentionned in multiple threads. Or is it possible to keep my actual DNS and make an ALIAS working with Let’s encrypt ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can still use a custom domain on Netlify with external DNS. This means you only need configure and A and CNAME record. Check out

Thank you @jasiqli it works with


So I can keep my current email forwarding :grinning: