Best practice to update content with git repos

I am currently editing RMarkdown documents in RStudio, then have to drag and drop my public folder to Netlify to update, completely bypassing Github. Anyone have a better process of editing (an RMarkdown editor) and deploying updates to Netlify?

The Blogdown book literally has a chapter on deploying to netlify, using Git: . I don’t know the relation between RMarkdown and Blogdown but I think they are pretty close. Maybe that could help you find a good path?


@TahorSuiJuris - any repo that is git watched can be ingested into Netlify. If your thing is R, and Netlify doesn’t provide a R environment, then your next best option for using Netlify is to push the build of your R source code to some git repo, and have Netlify watch that git repo.

So the workflow looks like this:

  1. locally create a R Shiny app or whatever
  2. Run the build command that turns your R app into html/css/js
  3. Copy the build directory from #2 over to another local repo, thus writing over the other local repo
  4. Push the other local repo from #3 up to your remote (ie, GitHub)
  5. Drink a brew while Netlify serves up ur built files

You can automate numbers 2-4.