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Best CDN - Opinions on CDN improving site speed

Our website is very heavy with .png images today. We used next.js to convert these images to webp format and it gave us a hefty savings in speed. Problem is that we have more images coming to revise the site and they are mainly svg. Even when run through an svg optimizer they are too large to please google lighthouse and converting them to webp gives me blur which the team has found unacceptable.

I have been looking at CDN’s as a solution here. There are CDN’s that automatically optimize your svg’s into 3 or 4 sizes for device type which allows you to set image height and width so google lighthouse stays happy with you.

Anyone have CDN’s they love, that gained them speed enhancements?

Anyone have advice outside of the CDN path I am on now?

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Hi @Jennifer_G,

I have tested Cloudinary and ImageKit. Documentation says they both support SVG as well as other formats.

As a bonus, there is a Jamstack Explorer mission Exploring Netlify Redirects which includes a section on Proxying to Cloudinary which will also work with ImageKit (I’ve tested it.)

The benefit of a CDN is not (and should not be) for you. It is for your customers / users. Using CDN files - especially for widely used libraries like jQuery (or any other big library) - means they will receive a cached copy of the file from a physical location near them. In most cases, using a popular CDN for big libraries means the user has also downloaded that resource before - from someone else’s site - so the file will be cached locally in their browser.

Hi @Peter45 interesting input that seems to be missing the point of my particular question but hey it’s all just input right?

Thank you @coelmay I will start with these.