Being charged for extra team members


I’m being charged for an extra team member and I don’t quite understand how it works.
These are my doubts:

  • Does a git contributor count as a team member if I’m in the starter plan?

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-18 a les 12.51.56

According to this, it shouldn’t, right?

  • Why is the team member counted if I only have an inactive git contributor?

Besides, the last build I made was on September 19.

I hope you someone can make these things a bit clear, because as far as i understand, I shouldn’t be charged for anything.

Thank you

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! Yes, you are absolutely correct, this charge was made in error. I am not sure why a member subscription had been added to your account, but I’ve removed the subscription from the back end and removed the charge. So sorry for this charge adding to your account!

Please let us know if you have any questions or see any other odd member charges in your admin. Thank you!

Thanks, now some things changed but I still see this:

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-19 a les 11.49.10

And just to clarify: having an active git contributor would or wouldn’t cost any monthly fee?

@marnau you should no longer see that charge on your billing page, let me know if you see otherwise. Git contributors are included on the starter plan. Git contributors and team members are charged differently and you were billed in error for an extra team member. Hope that clears things up!

Ok, that clears things up, thanks.
But I still see that on the billing page, and I guess I shouldn’t, right?

Ah, it looks the UI hasn’t synced yet with the payment processor back end. I reconfirmed the subscription has indeed been removed, and you might see that on your admin panel until the next billing cycle starts. You won’t receive that charge – but if something else unexpected happens and you did, just let us know and we’ll remove it. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks a lot @charlottechhum and @sid.mann : ) You were both very helpful!