Basic Auth not working when prompted after admin identity prompt

I’ve set up Basic Auth via netlify.toml config file to password-protect my Dev site. Everything is working as expected – browser will prompt with native login screen and I am able to login with correct credentials. The issue is when I try to login into /admin. After I input my Netlify Identity credentials I get the browser basic auth prompt again however my credentials do not work in this scenario. This is preventing me from accessing /admin unless I turn off Basic Auth. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

To clarify, I implemented Netlify CMS at /admin.

Could you share your URL with us, @whawha7 ? Or at least the site’s API ID (from the site settings page), so we can find it and examine it in place? Can’t tell anything without looking at what you have deployed, so that would be a good first step in all trouble reports :slight_smile: