Base64 encoded images fail to display

I have a website made by create-react-app, deployed to netlify and I think there’s something I don’t get
When the website is built and published some of the images become base64 encoded and they fail to display while other images have sourced to the static folder
Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi @ShadyMohammed, if you share more information then someone may be able to help you. But there isn’t a general problem with CRA and Netlify so without being able to see your build and your site, and knowing which images aren’t loading, it would be impossible for anyone to help.

Also, Netlify doesn’t change your build process, it’s CRA that’s generating the BASE64 encoded version of your small images as part of the webpack build process. I suspect the problem may be with your own code in this case and recommend that you debug that further.