Banned after requesting help logging in

I got myself locked out of my Netlify account (same email as the one I used to create this support account).

I did this by accidentally deleting my 2FA Google Authenticator code for Netlfiy.

I wrote to support for help. In that email I included many of the domains associated with that account, along with information about my most recent deploy, thinking this would help prove it’s really me.

I got an email back saying I needed to provide my email address and a screenshot of the problem.

So I sent my email address (from the same email account) and screenshot of the 2FA login screen.

I got an almost-instant reply saying my account has been banned. Perhaps the issue was that I used a different device to the one I last logged in to Netlify on.

I replied but got an auto-email back with the same text as the “you are banned” email.

Can somebody please assist? I can provide info that no one else would know about the account including commit IDs and deploy key info.

Bit frightening that we can get so easily banned. I love Netlify and am really hoping we can resolve this.

Thanks so much in advance (fingers crossed)

Hi, @LockedOut. I replied to the support ticket so please follow-up there. However, if you don’t see my email reply, please reply here to let us know.

Thank you Luke, I did get your email, much appreciated. You asked a few identity verification questions, I replied with the answers to all but one (and provided you with another private detail that no one else could have known).

Is this enough to get me unblocked? Sorry, just keen to get back in and building again. Thank you so much for your time so far, really appreciate it.

Hi Luke, I have all the proof-of-identify things you asked for now. I replied to our email thread yesterday with these. I realize you may have a lot of things on; if you could disable 2FA on my account so I can re-enable it with a new seed I’d be eternally grateful. Thank you so much in advance.

Hi, I am not seeing any blocks on your account any further. Please let me know if you are still in need of assistance.

Thanks I am in now. For the benefit of those reading this who may be in a similar situation (now or in the future), I had to use a recovery code to get back in. I should have tried that in the first instance but forgot I had them. To be clear, I am in, have disabled 2FA and then re-enabled it with a new seed. Thanks Netlify. My only feedback is that perhaps the ban hammer shouldn’t fall on someone in my situation, although I can see that it’s hard to get this right due to automation/AI. This thread can be closed now.

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