Background pictures not post-processed and loads extremely slowly

I’ve turned on post-processing for images and all images are nicely compressed and deployed to Netlify’s CDN except for background images (defined in css). That’s not too much of a problem if this picture wouldn’t load forever (42s on my laptop), which I’ve embedded e.g. here. Is there anything I can do to enable post-processing for those to or at least fix load-times?

What is maybe relevant to mention: I am using GoDaddy for the domain, which unfortunately means I can’t use the Netlify DNS (which enables CDN deployment) because GoDaddy doesn’t accept their DNS servers.

You can always:

  1. Ensure that the image is included somewhere front-facing, allowing the post-processing to cater for it, and in turn be picked up by the CDN. Once that happens, you could swap-in the CDN url of the image into the CSS background-image property.

  2. I would recommend optimizing the image. I ran it through a quick compression tool and it hints at possible savings of 67%, from 1.5mb -> 613kb.

Of course you could do both of the above, in order of 2, then 1 to make sure that it’s as nifty as it can be.

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great tips, @kevin just what I would have recommended!