AWS Route53 > Cloudfront > Netlify origin/behavior for sub-path /mx* only

Hi team, I’m looking for some support in setting up AWS CloudFront behavior for our site.

I’m looking to setup Route53 > Cloudfront > Netlify for the path, the root path / will be handled by AWS S3 instead ie:

/* - NextJs site, hosted on AWS S3
/us* - Gatsby site, hosted on AWS S3
/mx* - Gatsby site, hosted on Netlify

The first 2 are working as expected. Can someone please point me in the direction of setting up the 3rd as an AWS CloudFront origin/behavior?

Thanks in advance

Hi @reecedevops,

This is not a well-supported configuration. You’d have to create a site on Netlify and proxy to it using third-party tools. This is not a configuration we recommend or provide active support with, but it’s doable if that’s a hard requirement.