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AWS Amplify Video on demand CMS question

Hello, Using Flutter and the AWS Amplify video on demand capability, I’m trying to create a small format video on demand app. Amplify does the transcoding and stores the m38u files in the output S3 bucket at various resolutions.

My problem is that in Amplify’s dynamodb-based CMS, the distinct URLs for transcoded content aren’t available. Is there anyone who knows how to get these URLs into the dynamodb and has experience with CMS and Amplify? Is it necessary for me to build a lambda function to save this data in the database?
Should I utilise Amplify’s CMS or GraphCMS’s managed service to store content meta data and execute graphql queries to get it based on video genres and creation time (recently added)?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Netlify CMS. Looks like you posted your question a little while ago, but that you haven’t received a solution yet. Here’s where you might get more help:

netlifycms.org - the site houses our extensive documentation that likely contains helpful information to get you back on track.

netlify cms slack - join our friendly slack channel and chat with other cms pros to get the help you need.

GitHub Issues - think you’ve found a bug, or would like to make a feature request? Make your voice heard here. Netlify CMS is open source - PRs and other contributions are also welcome!

Stack Overflow Check StackOverflow for questions tagged “Netlify CMS” if you don’t get an answer in the Slack or the GH issues. StackOverflow reaches a worldwide audience of knowledgeable people.

Your question will be left open here for anyone to comment - but we encourage you to check out the above resources if you are still looking for a solution!