Awaiting External DNS for way longer than 24 hours. DNS records set correctly

For site,

I’ve been awaiting external DNS for way longer than 24 hours. The specified records have been correctly set. I re-reviewed everything. Don’t really see how else to fix this. This happened after the site stopeed working out of nowhere after a hubspot record was added, but its now been removed, and i removed the ns records specified and re-instated them. NO changes. PLEASE help us help you by writing a good post!

ALso on the SSL/TLS certificate section it says : doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

which is the original issue i am trying to solve

Because it currently isn’t. There are no records for On the domain management page, do you see NETLIFY records for and

Note: continuation of Doesn't appear to be served by Netlify

hi there! it looks like a record was missing on our end at NS1, our DNS provider. I’ve recreated that record and renewed your SSL certificate, you should be all set.

That is all true! thank you !!!

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