Automatically export identity data to spreadsheet when signing up

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*I would like to be able to automatically match the user name and email address to the spreadsheet by being triggered when member registration is completed.
*Can it be implemented using Netlify functions?

I would like some advice on how to implement it.

Hi @ayame

There are three trigger functions available for Netlify Identify outlined in this documentation.

The identity-signup function (for example) allow you to add metadata to users, or specific roles based on email domain, or other variables.

So yes, I believe it is possible to implement this.

I would like to implement using the identity-signup function!!
But I don’t understand how to use Netlify functions. Do you have any good source code?
If possible, it would be better if there is something that is linked to the spreadsheet.

Thank you!

Anything I might have written would need modifying to suit your specific use case. If you are not familiar with Netlify Functions, adapting a (potentially) complex workflow isn’t necessarily the best place to start.

First place to start is with the Netlify Functions which includes examples, tutorials, and playground

For something identity specific check out How to use Netlify Identity and Netlify Functions from Netlify’s @jlengstorf and (formerly) @swyx

If you are updating this file regularly, you would need to either host the file elsewhere for the function to read each time it is invoked, or rebuild the site/function with the file bundled each the file is changed.

What is your goal here? Is it to limit the people who can sign up/in to a site? Netlify Identify already has the option to disable open sign-ups, meaning only the people you invite are able to sign-in/up.

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I want to get the identity user’s name and email address all at once.

If you look at How to use Netlify Identity and Netlify Functions, you can manage to implement up to the point of setting the trigger.
Let’s proceed with this.

Thank you!!!
The link you shared was very helpful.

Hey there-- thanks for letting us know this was helpful! Happy building :rocket:

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