Auto-renewal date of custom domain is one month before expiration

Good day!

I just registered a custom domain (at 23rd of February) and it says that next auto-renewal will be in a year at 22nd of January. I guess it has to do with month numeration in JS. This is most likely a visual bug, but I fear that it really can throw one month away from the registration period.

Opera Snapshot_2021-02-23

Hey there!

No bug – we simply agree the renewal one month prior to expiry. We’re a reseller of domains and this practice is advised by them.

This helps us to avoid potential issues (such as out of date payment methods). Because, if a domain slips in to a redemption or expired state, it can be a bit of an administrative nightmare! :slight_smile:

If you don’t want a domain name to renew, you should disable auto-renewal in our UI as soon as practically possible.


Got it. Thanks, Pie!

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