Auto Publishing

I have stopped auto publishing feature on my account but still whenever I create a new blog on Netlify CMS it starts auto publishing. Please let me know how can I control this feature? for Netlify CMS changes and Github changes.

hi @emmadigital - which account is this regarding?

My current account , I currently have only one account.

hi there, can you tell us the netlify site name please? Example:

we can’t identify your site without some additional information telling us who you are.

I also want to invite a friend on this account who wants to purchase pro package for this account. How should I do this Netlify and Netlify CMS Invite for Friend can I give my friend admin/ownership rights on this account as I have basic account. Or is there anyother way to transfer this account to another github user. please guide.

Hi @emmadigital, for transferring Netlify sites see:

For Netlify CMS the allowed users/emails are controlled by the Identity tab in you site settings and you can remove/add users from the old/new site.