Assets Issue when navigate

I’m trying hosting solution for Static website

My problem is that when i try to navigate, my assets (website logo, …) is always reloading event in the same page .
i tried the same folder with AWS, it is working perfectly .

@Cherif Welcome to the Netlify community. Please provide us with more information about your project URL(s) so others can help you.

Hey @gregraven, thanks for your quick answer. .

So when you try to navigate my website logo is reloading . I tried Github Pages and AWS, everything working perfectly


@Cherif OK, I can see your site. I guess your issue is that your logo “flashes” as you navigate from page to page? I wonder if it would help to optimize this image? It’s not big, but it’s still about twice the size it needs to be.

I also see that you have three different schemes for calling the path to your /assets/ folder, but that probably doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re seeing … it just seems unusual.

At any rate, typically assets (such as your site logo) that appear on each page should be cached by the browser. If that’s not happening, then it’s going to have be reloaded each time. I’ve never investigated how to change the cache time on assets served by Netlify (on a “normal” server you could do this in your .htaccess file), so I’m not sure why this is happening.

Hey there! Looks like you’ve bottomed this one out. I’m not seeing any flashy assets! What changed? :slight_smile:

Hey ,
i’m pulling my assets from AWS that’s why it is working fine :wink: .
thank you for your answer