App breaks for currently browsing client every time I deploy

I’m trying to migrate my app from cloudfront to netlify but I’ve spotted a blocking problem.

A quick outline of the problem:

  • We build our react app using parcel. It adds a hash suffix to our assets for cache breaking.
  • i.e. The main app entry point - index.html - points at index.HASH.js and index.HASH.css
  • On cloudfront, we kept all previous versions of our webapp. I didn’t realize this fully at the time, but this meant that when we deployed a new version, clients that were currently browsing on an older version would continue to work.
  • After migrating to netlify, everytime we do a deploy all clients that are currently browsing the side just get a white screen and have to hard refresh to get things working again.

Has anyone seen this kind of issue? Are there any workarounds?

Hi @tomdee,

We’ve responded to this in the helpdesk. Let us know where you’d like to keep the conversation going.