"API_ERROR: Sorry, your request timed out. It's likely that your input was too large to process."

We’re getting these API errors since yesterday afternoon. No matter what we try to update. Even trying to upload the smallest photo that’s just 100kb. The CMS has essentially stopped working. Client can’t make any changes.

Site is https://www.dynamicevents.ie/

Any ideas?

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I also have this error on all client websites since yesterday, what is happening?

site: https://www.paytsoftware.com/

I think the problem is coming from GitHub backed CMSs

Hi all :wave:t6:, Welcome to forums. I am not seeing this on my end. If you are still experiencing this issue can you please provide a screenshot of it?

Update: we’ve made no changes to our code since the error, but as of this morning things seem to be working again.

Hi, thanks for coming back and letting us know.