API - Dynamic Websites / Subdomains?

Hey! I know you can dynamically create a website with Netlify API, but is it possible to make it’s main domain a dynamically generated subdomain? For example. We own shopmythred.com (DNS on Google Domains), when a user joins our platform I want to give them their own website at {{username}}.shopmythred.com. All websites will be connected to the main Github Repo/Branch Deploy too.

I tried this, but the subdomain wasn’t being picked up by Netlify.

Hi @Artathecanadian,

Yes, it’s possible.

Could you please explain what exactly do you mean?

Netlify was saying the subdomain’s dns wasn’t properly configured, i’m suspecting it’s because it’s a Google Domain and not Netlify

Can you please walk me through the process?

Hey there, @Artathecanadian :wave:

It looks like this thread is related to what you are asking and outlines how to dynamically generate subdomains:

Additionally, if you have further DNS questions I recommend starting with the following Support Guide:

Let us know if this clears things up for you!