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Apex domain using Netlify DNS not working

Hey, I’m having the exact same issue as described here. My GoDaddy nameservers are pointed to Netlify. My primary domain (www.practiceprobs.com) works fine, but my apex domain (practiceprobs.com) doesn’t work. This was set up hours ago, so it should’ve propagated by now.

@luke perhaps you can help me as you helped erik in the linked post?


As a new user, I could only include one image in my original post, so here’s another that may be useful.

Hi @ben519

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Could you try the “Renew certificate” button

@coelmay Thanks, but this doesn’t appear to help. (Interestingly, my certificate was created this morning at 8:59AM. After clicking renew, the date created does not change. It’s currently 3:23PM my local time.)

Hi, @ben519. There was an issue that wasn’t visible in the UI and it has been resolved now. Both practiceprobs.com and www.practiceprobs.com are working now.

I’ll try to explain as briefly as I can about what happened. First, you can see the NETLIFY type DNS records in the UI.

These are special alias records that return A records pointing to the IP addresses of Netlify’s CDN nodes.

The NETLIFY type records can block or, depending on the order the records are created in, be blocked by A or CNAME records for the same value.

The workflow in this case that triggered the issue is this and I’ll use example.com as the domain example:

  1. A DNS zone is created in the web UI.
  2. An A type record for example.com and a CNAME type record for www.example.com are added.
  3. Later example.com is added as a custom domain to a site’s.
  4. Our service automatically created NETLIFY type records for both example.com and www.example.com when either one (apex or www subdomain) are added to a site.
  5. The original A and CNAME records for example.com and www.example.com are deleted.

At this point the NETLIFY record for the www.example.com subdomain will start working. The CNAME record will prevent the NETLIFY type record from working but it doesn’t stop it from being created. Once the CNAME is deleted, the NETLIFY exists and starts working.

However, the A name record for example.com doesn’t just prevent the NETLIFY type record from working - it actually prevents its creation entirely. For this reason, when the A name record is deleted, the NETLIFY type record does not start working (unlike the CNAME record which did start working).

So, how can you fix this if it happens?

One way is to ask about it here and our support team can “repair” the non-working record.

If you want to fix it yourself this is the workflow:

  1. Identify the non-working NETLIFY type record.
  2. Delete that record from the DNS zone page (not the site settings).
  3. Delete that same domain name from the site settings page (Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains).
    • Note: The domain name will probably be the apex unless you made an A record for the www subdomain (or some other subdomain).
  4. Now add the domain name back again. This will recreate the NETLIFY type record and it will work after this is done.

Clearly, brevity is not my strength but I hope that explains what happened. ​Please let us know if it isn’t working when you test or if there are other questions about this.


Wow, I never would’ve figured this out. Thank you so much for your help!


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