Apex domain redirects to subdomain

Hi Netlify community, I hope you are well.

I have 3 different websites using the same domain root (innatewebsites.com):

  1. The main site (www.innatewebsites.com)
  2. A client portal (clients.innatewebsites.com)
  3. A live preview of a product (chiro.innatewebsites.com)

With the DNS changes, I’m having the issue that when I access the apex domain (innatewebsites.com) or the www. instance, it redirects me to the chiro.innatewebsites.com. What is the issue here, since i got the records migrated to Netlify DNS?

Any guidance appreciated.

Hi, @gschiavon. Redirects occur at the HTTP protocol and not the DNS protocol. If the DNS points to Netlify (which is does) we need to be checking site-level redirects or client-side javascript for the explanation.

I checked the access logs for this site and I don’t see any site-level redirects for for www.innatewebsites.com occurring at all. This leaves only client-side javascript redirection as the cause (unless I have missing something and I don’t think I have).

I’m not able to trigger the redirect myself either. I’ve tried using curl on the command-line. I’ve also tested using browsers both with and without javascript enabled. The redirections never occurs when I test.

If you still see the issue happening would you be willing to please make a HAR recording of it occurring and then share that with us here?

Hi Luke thanks for the support. It has taken a bit of time but it’s all resolving as normal now. Thank you again.