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Apex domain not redirecting to primary www. domain name

I have a domain name : that i bought on nameCheap
on name cheap I made theses 2 records:
A Record @
CNAME Record www

I think what you’re seeing is some local caching. I visited hack-french.com and got redirected to www.hack-french.com. Could you try on a different device?

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I second @hrishikesh as I also got redirected.

On another note the headline reads

Learn thousand of french words this year

When it should read

Learn thousands of French words this year


Learn a thousand French words this year

Remember, French, English, Japanese, etc. are always capitalised in English (they aren’t in Danish though!)

You then have

Thousands use it to grow (and maintain) their vocabulary with as little as 5 minutes a day.

Consider dropping the parentheses around and maintain as parentheses are used as an afterthought, and I don’t believe this is really an afterthought but a core part of the system.

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oh now it works… thanks

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