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Apex domain not redirecting to primary domain

Hi all,

First time using netlify, I’m in a bind!

netlify site name: elated-mcnulty-398453.netlify.app

When I go to www.center-yoga.com my site is there. When i go to center-yoga.com, it is not.

Seems like it should work. Pretty URLs are on. Please advise!

Welcome to the forums @krisbarr

When I visit center-yoga.com I am redirected to www.center-yoga.com. Chrome, Safari (and possibly other browsers) hide the www by default in the address bar (Firefox does not.)

When I visit elated-mcnulty-398453.netlify.app I am not redirected to center-yoga.com though. If you wish to have this redirect too you can set up a Domain-level Redirect to handle it.