Any restrictions on using certain js libraries?

I’m seeing strange behavior while pushing/publishing to/from Github. My site is set to auto-deploy on every commit (it currently is only an HTML file). Every time I deploy HTML or copy changes, they are correctly updated on the live site. Changes in the newsletter form (which uses formspree) and its ajax script code are simply not updated. As well as script header code for analytics service. Github has the code and netlify is deploying the correct build number. I’m lost in how to debug this. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

It sounds as though we’re going to need more information from you. If your code is updating but your Formspree changes are not, then it sounds to be an issue with Formspree.

I know my explanation could be better. So, here is my second attempt. When I upload changes to github, if these are html the updated page contains all of them. If the changes involve adding a script tag to ‘head’ or ‘body’, they are simply not there. It is not an issue with formspree itself.
If for example, you go and check the page source with a right-click, the code is just not there. I know it should not be the case, but seems as if there was some sort of parser that deletes code on a specific basis. e.g.

Code on Github:

Right-click code after deployment:

I know, it sounds weird and it is not an expected behavior. Nevertheless, I hope it helps a little bit in understanding the case.

I’m not seeing the links. A URL would be nice to have, as well.