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Any major upcoming update on NetlifyCMS?

Hello there,

We’ve been testing NetlifyCMS and we chose this (awesome!) tool for a few projects, now ready for delivery.

We’ll provide some documentation including screenshots, and we would like to know if the UI of NetlifyCMS will change in the near future, as this would outdate our doc.

We’ve checked the pending PR, nothing there.
Is there a secret plan to modify the CMS UI soon?

Netlify CMS maintainer here! There’s no secret agenda, it’s truly open source. V3 is looking lovely and some real efforts have been made but it’s not expected to land any time soon.


Hi @tomrutgers and thanks for your answer.

Glad to know that a V3 is on the way!

I’ve searched some sources to check for upcoming updates:

  • the repo on GH contains a branch called v3 (last update 17 months ago)
  • this ticket seems to centralize the ongoing work on this v3, and
  • this Github “Project” looks like an attempt to list the pending issues

Please let me know if another source could help to foresee major updates (and potential breaking changes)


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You pretty much nailed that. The only other thing you can check is the Netlify CMS slack channel, but nothing much is happening there at the moment either.

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