"Another site is already using this domain"

I’m trying to add a custom domain to one of my websites. The website should have the subdomain 2019.heartbits.pt, however Netlify says “Another site is already using this domain”. I have no clue what website is using this subdomain. The heartbits.pt domain is using Netlify DNS under this account.

Is it possible to remove the subdomain from whatever site is using it, please?

EDIT: I’ve done the verification steps as stated here

Are you certain you registered heartbits.pt? It seems not to be registered to anyone.

Are you certain that heartbits.com is on Netlify? I can find no evidence to suggest that it is.

Sorry, heartbits.com was a typo. I meant heartbits.pt. I’ve edited the post to correct it

OK, now I see that heartbits.pt is registered – it took a long time to get the information via whois.

heartbits.pt seems to have delegated Netlify for DNS. Did you do that or someone else? Is the page that loads for heartbits.pt yours or someone else’s?

I delegated the DNS and the page that loads for heartbits.pt is mine too. Supposedly everything should be under my control, so I don’t get why I can’t use 2019.heartbits.pt

Is this the page where you are trying to add your subdomain?

Yes, exactly. I click on ‘Add domain alias’, put 2019.heartbits.pt, it asks me if I’m the owner of heartbits.pt (which doesn’t make a lot of sense, since i’m using Netlify DNS with the same account), I say ‘yes’ and gives me that error:

Another site is already using this domain

Domains must be unique across Netlify. Currently another site is using this domain. If you don’t know which site, please contact support for guidance.

I’ve done this for other subdomains of heartbits.pt with no problems (also deployed on the same Netlify account)

It sounds as though there is something wrong with your account or something. That doesn’t happen when I try to do this.

Hi, @cesium. I do see a different site already using this domain name (2019.heartbits.pt). There are two solutions for this.

  1. If you have access to the other team using this custom domain, login and remove the custom domain from the site settings.
  2. You can instead create a verification DNS record and our support team will remove the custom domain from the other site and team.

​Please let us know which solution you prefer and, if choosing the verification DNS record, please let us know what custom domain you used for the TXT record (usually this would be verified-for-netlify.heartbits.pt).

Hey Luke. I don’t have access to whatever account is using the 2019.heartbits.pt subdomain. I have already created a verification DNS record (verified-for-netlify.heartbits.pt)

Hi, @cesium. Thanks for making that verification record. Also, please feel free to delete it now as it is no longer required.

I’ve remove the custom domain from the site on the other team now. This means you will be able to add custom domains to your site and team without any further errors.

If there are any questions or if it still gives an error, please let us know.