"Another site is already using this domain" - I know it's me, but I don't know where

I am the owner of the domain spookify.me (I will add text verification of my ownership as soon as I post this). I recently changed domain registrars, and basically I forgot entirely how I was hosting it previously.

I created a new netlify app for it (youthful-ride-5078f9.netlify.app), but when I tried to connect the domain to the new app, I got the “another site is already using this domain” warning.

I am certain that I am the owner of that other netlify site that’s blocking the domain, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where or under what account.

If someone could help me figure out what account is currently tied to my domain, I may be able to delete the app myself. But I’m not entirely sure I still have access to the account (I’m thinking it could be tied to a former employer and that’s why I can’t find it). I would be very grateful for any help that would let me unblock myself :sweat_smile:

hi @tkor,

probably the easiest way forward is to do the domain verification, as soon as we have that, we can fix this right up!

Ah, sorry about that @perry. I had added the TXT record, but it was misconfigured. Fixed and propagating now!

so, to be clear, do you still need to go through the verification process?

I have now added a TXT record to my domain per these instructions to verify that I do in fact own the domain.

I still get the “another site is already using this domain” error when I try to add/verify my custom domain with my netlify app.

Sorry, there are a couple of “verification processes” we could be talking about. I hope that’s clear.

sounds good. We’ll be in touch when we’ve completed the verification :+1:

Heya @tkor, thanks very much for creating that TXT record. We were able to verify and remove the domain from the previous account, so you should now be able to use it in your account. Please let us know if that’s not the case!

Thanks @jen, I can add the domain to my account now!

I am still curious about the account that was blocking it. Would it be possible to get any hints about the rogue account of mine? If I still have access to it, I probably ought to shut it down since I’ve completely forgotten about it.

Hey @tkor,
It was under a team called geekcraft-academy. Does that ring a bell?

:woman_facepalming:Yes, that’s a huge help. Thank you @jen !

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