"Another site is already using this domain" for localadra.it and localadra.com

Dear all,
I had correctly configured a website with my domain pointing at localadra.it and localadra.com.
After some time I need to change the website technology so I setup another netlify site: localadra.netlify.app.
When I try to associate it with my domains: localadra.it and localadra.com I get the following error:
“Another site is already using this domain”.
Since I cannot (I don’t know why) recover my previous account can you please disconnect localadra.it and localadra.com from the current site?

I’ve already added a txt record: “verified-for-netlify” on both localadra.it and localadra.com.

Thank you very much,

Hi @dtssagio :wave:t6:

I cannot locate your txt record

host -t txt verified-for-netlify.localadra.com
Host verified-for-netlify.localadra.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Can you please take another look at our documentation and try to add your txt record. I checked for both the IT and .com domains.

Hi SamO and thanks for the quick reply.
I’m very sorry I read the documentation quickly and I did get it wrong.
Now I’ve fixed both .com and .it and it should be ok!

Hi @dtssagio you will need to deactivate your old site to add it to your new one. Otherwise this will take down their site. If you are not the owner of this domain than you will need to reach out to the account owner so they can transfer the site ownership to you.

Dear SamO,
I’m the owner of the old site. For some reason I cannot see my old site on the only netlify account that I have.
As far as I know the only Netlify account I have is the one associated with my github account…
I’ve also removed the association between my old site github repo and Netlify app but doing so maybe I lost forever the possibility to bring the old site down…
How can I do?

The old account has the email: m*r*o.r*t*l*a@r*i*o*a.t*c* where * represents redacted characters. If you recognise it feel free to reset the password to continue.

with your info I was able to solve the issue. Thank you very much!