Another link exists, all config must be empty


Another user, that is being stuck at this bug:
dns_api - 400 - link exists, all config must be empty


Please delete whatever is necessary and add A record.

Thank you greatly, Matej

Netlify instance:

Howdy @matejmeglic, we have some good news for you and also a question for you.

We took a look at your SSL and saw there was something odd happening there, that has now been fixed.

Question is: are you trying to migrate off Netlify, and if yes, what new values should we put in place for and

Hiya Perry.

Thank you for your intervention, I’m glad you were able to find the problem. The page works now and it’s awesome.

I would like to stay at Netlify (if you’d have me) so there are no further changes needed to DNS records.

I believe this issue can be closed.
Best, M.

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sound good! :smiley: