Another "doesn't appear to be served by Netlify" :D

Hi everybody!
I have my domain on GANDI, i changed the Name Servers with:

The domain name redirects correctly to Netlify.
More than 36 hours after, i still have the message:

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!


Hey @pit07

I see

% dig	3600	IN	A

When using Netlify DNS (which records show is)

% dig NS	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS

only NETLIFY records should exist for the apex and www subdomain e.g.


I’m not sure to understand…
The main domain must redirect on Ionos (ip, where the current site is hosted (a Wordpress, waiting the new website Vue).

The new website is on, and i need to add a SSL on this subdomain (problem with authentication :frowning: ).

I thought that patching DNS on Netlify would allow me to use Netlifty SSL

You tell me i can’t do that ?

Certainly you can have records pointing to other services. But the domain in the screenshot in your original post is, not

I have:


And on GANDI, for 48 hours now, i have the good Server Name.

We agree that Netlify should not tell me that: doesn't appear to be served by Netlify

No ?

I’m lost :sweat_smile:

I thought you said (and likely was to point to another service (where the site is hosted now.) If that is the case, you shouldn’t not add them to the new Netlify site, you only add the subdomain.

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Actually, i just need to add the HTTPS to my
Netlify informed me that they couldn’t handle SSL because the domain name wasn’t managed by them, so I thought I should just patch the domain name on Netlify.

But maybe I’m wrong… :frowning:

According to you, i have to delete (and from Custom Domains, and i just keep

And then Netlify can add the SSL on staging?

If you have pointing to a Netlify site, Netlify will handle the SSL for that subdomain.

Netlify can’t do anything about SSL for domains that don’t point to their service.

(thanks a lot for your time :wink: )

On GANDI, i created a web redirection:

So normally, keeping only staging, Netlify should be able to handle SSL.

Is that it?

If you have set the NS on Gandi to Netlify (which you have) all DNS is now handled by Netlify and not Gandi.

Ok, but i always need to redirect on the actual website on IONOS.
So, i need to create the DNS for this domain, and so, add it on Custom Domain.

We agree ?

To summarize:

  • I need to add SSL certificate to
  • must redirect to IONOS.
  • must redirect to Netlify.

And my domain uses Netlify DNS.

I’m so stupid.

I clicked on “set as primary domain” on staging, and everything is ok…

Thanks for your time and patience @coelmay ! :gift_heart:

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It’s called learning.
Stupidity has nothing to do with it.