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Anchor tags hidden when website deployed

Hi I have deployed my react portfolio, and on the preview my nav bar shows, but on the deployed site it is hidden. when i hover over the blank space it it highlights were my anchor tags are but does not show them.

The anchor tag at the bottom of my ‘about me’ page is also invisible along with my project slides the view code and view live project buttons are all invisible.

It seems to only be affecting anchor tags wrapped in text. as in my contact me page those anchors are visible.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @Steddyeu

You have an opacity issue

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thanks, that was the issue. turns out when you deploy it reduces opacity to 1%.
Change to decimal format. so 80% become 0.8 etc. Opacity will show fine on deployment.

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That’s great @Steddyeu.

Thanks for providing the solution you found for others who may face the same issue.