Analytics not updating


The analytics for heuristic-wing-0398e7 haven’t updated for several hours.

The analytics settings section says, “ Last update today at 8:53 AM.” It’s currently 3:45 PM.

Could someone look into this?


Hi, @bret, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :+1:

I’m seeing more recent updates of your Analytics data, even though that page still says 8:53 AM. “That page” being found at “Site Name” > Settings > Analytics > Overview.

That time shows last time the pageview count was checked for billing purposes and what the count was at that time only. That billing check is only run once a day so the pageview count and time there will only update once daily as well.

The data in Analytics itself (“Site Name” > Analytics) does update hourly while the Settings count is only once a day.