Analytics isn't updating

Site: vibrant-cray-b82e02

I deployed this site yesterday - and purchased the Netlify Analytics package for it. There analytics for page views and traffic then updated once about 5 minutes after I had purchased it, and says it should update ever hour - but after that (about 26 hours ago now) there haven’t been any updates at all.

I know for a fact there has been alot of traffic to the website since then, as I linked it on a subreddit and have been getting lots of feedback from users there - however nothing updates in the analytics.

Its not critical to me running the site, but its a product I have purchased from Netlify, and paid for - so I expect it to just work out of the box when it’s advertised as such.

Any explanation as to why its not working would be appreciated…

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I’m not a carrier of good news, but I can say, at least you’re not alone. Here’s another thread: Analytics won't updatte which has been opened today.

When the Support Engineers take a look at this, I’m sure you’ll have a solution.

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Like @hrishikesh said, your not alone, many people have reported on this today. As soon as the support engineers notice and identify the issue then it won’t be long until a solution is rolled out.

Here are duplicate posts expressing the same issue you are facing, make sure to keep an eye out on these posts as well as your own.
Analytics won’t update - Support - Netlify Community
Analytics Issues: Data is being collected, but not displayed in the UI - Updates - Netlify Community

You should also check out Netlify Status periodically to see if Netlify have officially announced an incident with their analytics. Right now (25th 17:59) no incident announced

Hang in there :slightly_smiling_face:


The second report you linked dates back to May 2020 - how is this still a paid service if its not been working for over half a year?

One post I linked to is a general thread containing many people’s accounts of issues with Netlify analytics over many years. There was a new post on that thread made today and that was what I was referring to. That user directly replied to a person from the Netlify Team so it has a higher chance of being replied to.

I’m just giving you posts that you should watch out for regarding this issue you are facing.


hi @AasmundEndresen, we noticed some slowdown in our analytics display earlier, but we have since resolved these issues. are you still seeing problems?

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Hello @perry , I’m seeing the exact same issue as Aasmund. The problem still persist

hi there, we had some long tail sites that werent seeing updates, but that should be resolved now. are you still seeing the problem?