Analytics - Filter out own IP or ISP domain?

Is it possible to exclude your own IP or ISP domain from the results? Otherwise I’m worried that most of the hits on there are just mine on different devices. :joy:

Hiya! Welcome to Community :tada:.

Which results are you looking at, are these perhaps Analytics results? Do you have the site name or app ID to hand? :slight_smile:

Hello, sorry just seeing your response now. The site name is hopeful-rosalind-0e6939. It’s for the Analytics results. Thanks. :slight_smile:

hey @kaleidoscope, sorry to be slow to get back to you. We took a look at this, and at present, there isn’t a way to filter out your own IP or ISP.

We have an open feature request for this, and i have added your name to the list of people who are asking for this - if there is an update on this, we will let you know!