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Am I blocked from Netlify?

I just noticed that my IP address appears to be blocked from Netlify. I can’t access my deployed sites or the netlify.com domain unless I use a VPN.

I tried contacting support but since I only have a free account I was redirected to the forums.

Hi @maxwell_scot,

Your account doesn’t seem to be blocked, but if you think your IP address is being blocked, could you share it so we could check?

Sure no problem. How can I share it without posting on a public forum?

You could send it in a private message to me.

Hi @maxwell_scot,

I checked and there don’t seem to be any blocks for that IP address (yet). What kind of problem are you facing? Do you get some error message or something?

Could you send us a HAR file recording or show us a screenshot of the browser’s console?

I just checked again and the issue seems to be resolved.

The netlify.com domain was completely unresponsive. Maybe it was a CDN issue in my region or perhaps even my ISP.

Thanks for the help!

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Great to know it’s fixed.

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