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All pages of the website are truncated

All pages of the website are truncated.

All is fine in the preview deployment url. The problem occurs when connecting to the domain (https://salmonspace.pe.kr/).

I’m guessing there is something wrong with the Netlify server.

I want to bring my website back to normal. :sweat_smile:

We’re having the same exact issue with one of our sites. I just lost an hour attempting to figure out what in the world was going on.

We’re facing the same issue and it’s taken down our production site as a result.


  • First occurred at approximately 16:42 UK.
  • Only on production site, not preview links
  • Occurs on both custom DNS link and .netlify.app link
  • The length of truncated text is not consistent between pages (haven’t compared gzipped truncation length)
  • Truncation occurs regardless of size of the page (so not a response size issue)

Also just posted an issue about this. Somewhat happy to see it’s not just me and that others have posted about it just in the last hour.

I also have this issue all my sites pages have truncated my script tags </script

Have you found any solution? I have same issue


hi all, thank you for your reports! we are aware of this issue and are investigating. more soon!

Awesome - Thank you. Our production app has gone down for our users since our assets all have broke closing script tags.

Each page ends </scrip missing t>

we have our best heads on the case, we’ll have an update out to everyone as soon as we can confirm some progress.

I found a temporary workaround!

I added 32KiB spaces to the end of all HTML files.

  1. Find the largest page on your website.
  2. Get the number of truncated bytes on the page.
  3. Add more whitespace than truncated bytes to the end of the file.

I hope this issue will be resolved soon.

thanks for your patience, everyone.

we have found the source of the error and are working on a repair. As a temporary fix, please trigger redeploy - that should resolve the problem. if it does not, please let us know right away!

please comment here - i am closing individual threads so we are not talking in multiple places at once. thank you!