All form submissions disappeared

Hi my site: has a Netlify form that I have been using successfully for a while.

Just yesterday, the deployment gave an error: WARNING: There are no fields detected for form contact. Check that any existing form fields have name attributes.

I checked through the dashboard and all my past form submissions became blank. I submitted a new submission through my site and it became blank as well.

The real puzzling aspect of this is that I did not touch this code AT ALL. The deploy was simply adding some static images to my site. NOTHING was changed regarding this form or any form.

I went through the code and all the inputs have name fields. So I don’t understand what the issue is.

If anyone can help then that would be appreciated. Thanks

So no replies and this is quite an urgent issue for me, I went ahead to fix this on my own.

I changed the id for my form to something else so that Netlify generates a new form handler. The new form handler works so far.

Just a bummer that I lost all form submissions in the past as well as form submissions from today where I have no way to tell who or what they sent me.

So the “success” page that i was using for form submissions had the same id for the form. So it seems like sometime between Jan 4th and Jan 19th, the deployment process decided to use this form instead of the previous form, whereas before Jan 4th all my deployments used the previous form.

I removed the data-netlify=“true” in the success page and then reverted the form id back to my original id in the main submission page. This brought back all my old form submissions and they are not blank anymore.

So I guess this problem really lies in two forms having the same id. Hope it helps anyone else with a similar issue!

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