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After updating billing details, my domain is still no longer accessible!

I connected my Netlify account to my billing details as I had pushed off to do so until my project jamstack-marketplace wasn’t capable of accessing its domain today.

However, despite updating with my valid billing details today AND the fact that last month I had connected shopcarx.com - my domain - to my jamstack-marketplace deployments… I still cannot gain access to shopcarx.com!

With that said, the url of the project (not my domain) which is https://6184592ffbb5a91cade4b38d--jamstack-marketplace.netlify.app/ is working after successfully deploying my project!

Please help!

Hi @learningcode7710

This is what I see when I visit shopcarx.com which is the same as what I see at jamstack-marketplace.netlify.app.

From what I can see, shopcarx.com is correctly configured in Google Domains as per Netlify’s external DNS configuration.