After deleting my cookies by accident I believe I lost all my content

I am in a Javascript class and I accidentally deleted my cookies ( I DON’T KNOW WHY) and as I went in to log in my account all my content (including my own personal website) weren’t there. and I can’t try to reset again. Can someone tell me what to do?
What about reading through our

hi there,

what site is this concerning? Is it possible you have more than one netlify account?

See: is my main domain.

When I try to add my domain to transfer again it says that its on another site.

and no I don’t believe I have another netlfiy account

Your site loads for me and uses Netlify DNS, which indicates that the files are still there. You either have more than one Netlify account, or more than one GitHub/Gitlab account.

Hi, @pvherreramusic, I suspect the following issue is occurring.

If you are using Gmail, it is case-insensitive. At Gmail, these two email addresses are the same:


Netlify is case-sensitive. Those would log you into two different accounts at Netlify.

I think the account you want is the one with the first letter of your email address capitalized (

Would you please try that? If this doesn’t work, let us know.