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After changing DNS to Netlify my website images are no longer showing

My site name: eloquent-hypatia-2c1ba5.netlify.app/
Custom domain name: amerex.mx
There is no error showing and the data (text info) is pulled from the Wordpress posts, but the images are not showing at all.

If console is opened there are several 404 errors for those images.
I suspect that this must be a SSL related issue, ¿any ideas?
Thank you in advance, if you need some more info please let me know.
Kind regards.

hi there, welcome to the netlify forums.

I see this in your console:

the path you are trying to use to reach your images is inside of a wp-content folder.

As you can’t run wordpress on netlify:

this path is likely wrong.

Thank you for your answer, here more info of this project:
It is made with Gatsby and using Wordpress for content management.
This was working before I change the DNS to publish in my custom domain.
This info is helpful?

hi there @miyijura - that does make sense! the only problem is that i am seeing the errors in the screenshot on your netlify domain, not your custom domain, so i am not sure that has anything to do with it:

This is very strange as this project was working flawless in all ends (local & Netlify).
After the DNS changes both ends are throwing the 404 errors for the images.
I change the CNAME and A records in my domain for the provided.
Any other possible issue in your experience?
Or any other recommendation for this kind of issue?
Thank you @perry !

interesting. I would suggest viewing the site at the netlify URL with an incognito browser window, to make sure you are seeing an un-cached version of the site.

also, i recommend that you download the site that you have deployed as explained here:

this way you can check and see if the images are actually where you expect them to be.

Setting up a custom domain really shouldn’t affect anything on the netlify domain :thinking:

Let me try this. I report after some tests.
Thank you!

I think I detected something more.
The Wordpress installation is in a folder inside the custom domain. I tried to access the admin and a 404 error is showing when I try to reach the wp-admin page.
image, and that error page is from the Gatsby project.

I think that this definitively is related with the DNS changes.
I will check with the guy that made the records redirections and report again.

Is there a way to configure the CNAME/A records to use a subdomain as the Wordpress source while deploying to the main domain?

Or the only solution is to have the WP source outside the deploy domain?
Because obviously, when I point the DNS to Netlify, the URL of the WP is no longer available :crazy_face:, rendering the data calls unusable.

@miyijura This might be possible, but you would need to have a WordPress install running on a domain that is NOT under your custom domain – for example, cms-mysite.wpengine.com.

Of course, with that setup you can simply point your Gatsby code at that subdomain to build the pages for your custom domain, so you wouldn’t need to make any DNS changes for it to work that way.

That is what I thought, thank you for the confirmation @gregraven.
Thank´s a lot for your help guys, let me try to figure this out.

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@miyijura, you can create a CNAME for a custom domain which points outside of Netlify and then point the apex domain and www to Netlify. You can do this using the external DNS instructions.

For the apex and www you would do this:

amerex.mx.		1800	IN	A
www.amerex.mx.	1800	IN	CNAME	eloquent-hypatia-2c1ba5.netlify.app.

For the subdomain you wanted to host elsewhere, you might make a DNS record like so:

cms.amerex.mx.	1800	IN	CNAME	cms-mysite.wpengine.com.

This would make the apex domain and www subdomain hosted at Netlify and the cms subdomain hosted with wpengine.com.

Does that solution meet your requirements?

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The OP was not clear on this point, but I know from experience that not every WordPress hosting service offers separate subdomains, which are required for making this arrangement work.