Advice for Git Workflow?

Hi guys :smiley: We are considering switching our CMS to Netlify CMS, however I am not sure which Git workflow would work the best!

We want our editors to be able to release content independently, since they push content much more often than us developers release new features. Therefore, it would make most sense if the branch under the backend config is master. If master gets updated, Netlify automatically runs a build of our production website.

We also have a staging branch, which is our default branch on github, since this is where we operate from. For every new feature, we branch off from staging, and merge it back once it is done. Periodically, we rebase staging onto master, which equals a release. Besides that, we never touch master.

If we want to keep this workflow, this would mean we would need to keep all our branches in sync with master, since that one will be the one with the up-to-date content. What would be the best way of achieving this? I am not that much of an expert with git, thatโ€™s why so far we have this fairly easy setup of just pushing into one direction (feature --> staging --> master). Any advice on how to handle this would be very much appreciated! :grin:

maybe @tomrutgers has ideas?

Keeping your current workflow would work perfectly well I think. Seperating your development from your content changes is always a good idea! Netlify CMS uses the master branch by default so you donโ€™t need to configure anything to make it work.

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