Advertising pages being blocked/removed

Hi all,
I’m deploying my site…
I have a page within my site that gives information to my users about advertising options etc.
I’m wanting it to live on a path /advertising or /foo/advertising and it seems to be either blocked/disabled or removed by netlify.
It’s working fine locally and with other hosts.
Is this expected? Is there a list of ‘not allowed’ page names?


hi mdskinner,

We don’t police the naming of directories as you are describing - something else must be going awry here :thinking:

which netlify site is this concerning? do you have a URL to a live site where we can see this behaviour?

Ok, thank you for your response - In that case I will need to investigate more deeply.

I don’t have an example I can share at this stage.

wow, ok so the culprit was ABP (AddBlock Plus)


I had no idea it would be blocking entire paths / pages.
Seems I’d be wise to choose a different path.

Thank you again for your clarification.

wow, interesting! :thinking: I wasn’t aware of that either!

I’m glad you figured it out - thanks for posting that. That will definitely help other folks who are also wondering about the same thing.