Admin page says 404 not found

Hi I recently created a site, blog actually using Gatsby by going through the docs and it says “go to the /admin part of your site and log in” and I did that but I get a 404 not found error and I don’t know why. I sent an invite but it doesn’t tell me to login or anything. Can anyone please help me out ? Site is

Hi @glamboyosa - thanks for your patience.

It’s looking like not only is the /admin directory inaccessible, but the site as a whole isn’t loading, which points towards a bigger issue with deploying or building.

a couple questions:

  • does the site build locally? if no, what error messages do you receive?
  • does the site build as it should when you deploy it? if no, please provide the build logs from the netlify dashboard for easier investigating. :slight_smile:

anything else that has changed or that you have tried since you initially posted?