Admin page not loading


I am sure this is not an unusual question - total newbie here, and I have been looking for the answer, and it seems to me that the docs tell me what to do, but so far I am not having much luck.

Basically I can’t load the admin page. Which I am assuming is where the CMS lives.

I get an error message of: “Email not confirmed”.

I made sure that the code described here:

…is present in the index.html file. There is only one index.html file, as far as I can tell. The first script tag was already there. The second item, a script block, was not, and I added that at the bottom of index.html. I’m pretty sure I have a valid email and password. I did add the email address in and put in a password.

I’m not sure what to do next. It’s obvious to me finally that I need the CMS to make new pages for the blog. I can’t just deploy it to Git, I need the CMS. For instance if I create a new mdx file in vs code, the build fails. Somewhere in the build routine it is creating slug.js for the new page, I think, which does not exist in the source code. At least if build errors are accurate? Also the build sure takes a lot of bandwidth, I guess it’s reloading the entire codebase every time. So CMS it is. If I can only get it to work…

Ironically perhaps (hehe) the site is called and it’s all hooked up dns wise and email wise but I can’t seem to create any blog posts. Any help is much appreciated.

Firstly, welcome to Netlify community!

Hi, have you enabled git gateway and generated an access token?
You can do this here:–SITE/settings/identity#git-gateway

If you already have then repeat it; this worked when I was experiencing the same issues with my site.

This post might help:

Ah, thank you Kyle

Yes I think this must be it because it still had a cached repo that was incorrect. However it is still not letting me in. Do I need to add a user to the team? I’m logging in with the owner account (if I understand correctly) but no luck so far…

Thanks Tom. Appreciate the link.

Your Netlify credentials and Netlify Identity credentials are two separate things. You’ll need to register a Netlify Identity user through the identity panel in your sites’ settings (or through the signup tab at the admin page, if you have that enabled).