Adding Youtube videos and new Section for Downloaded Netlify site

Hello everyone. i downloaded a netlify website to update its content.

I already updated some section. But I’m having a problem on how to add section.


  1. I want to put a ifram for youtube video so that it will play through my site. but i cant do it since i’m editing on page-data json file. do you have any suggestions how can i make it? tried to edit the html page but no avail.
  2. I want to add a content or add section but i’m confused if do i need to edit it in the page-data json file? or in html? tried to edit the html but no avail. Thanks

Hoping you will help me. Thanks

Hi :wave:t6: ,

Please remember to not make duplicate threads as it slows our response time and waste time. I have responded to you on the thread below. If you have more questions please respond there. I will close this thread now.