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Adding Visa Debit Card as Payment Method Transaction declined


We’ve reached 96% of our bandwidth limit and we are having a problem adding our Visa Debit Card as a payment method to upgrade our account to Pro. We keep getting Transaction Declined. Is it possible to check what could be causing the problem?

Thank you.

hi there, sorry to hear about this! i have moved this through to our billing helpdesk, where someone can take a look at this for you and talk to you about it. i’m assuming you aren’t having any issues with this card anywhere else?

So far I don’t have any issues yet on other sites.

Hi, @tedmagaoay. We have replied to the support ticket. If you don’t see an email about that reply, however, please do reply here to let us know. Otherwise, please reply to the ticket email if there are any further questions as there we can share information privately.