Adding domain alias returns 502 error


we have a site that runs under The domain is registered externally, DNS is hosted on Netlify. I now need the subdomain to also point to the same site. The netlify domain is There, a custom redirect rule should take visitors to a sub-page.

I now created a CNAME entry for the domain to This works, but when I open the page, I get a 404

Not Found - Request ID: 01GK9E6HE59SFYDD7355KYNPJZ

I thought I might also have to add the subdomain as an alias to the site and not only to the domain. When I try to add an alias to the site vettrust-production, I get an error 502 without further explanation.

Could you please assist me?


I’m also getting this error, I’ve got 60 domain aliases on 1 site currently. Please assist.

PS. there isn’t anything funny with the subdomain.

This is currently an ongoing issue for sites with too many domain aliases. The API times out. They have a limit of 98 anyways, so not a good idea if you simply go on adding more and more.

We can add the subdomain from our end, but I think the better option would be to use wildcard domains. This can be enabled from our end if the following conditions are met:

  1. The site must be on a Pro or above team.

  2. The DNS must be managed by Netlify OR you need to bring a custom wildcard SSL certificate.

  3. The site should not have any domain aliases or branch subdomains.

  4. The primary domain of the website should be on the same level as the required wildcard domain. For example:

If you need the wildcard to be * where * can be your wildcard subdomain, the primary domain must be (www can be replaced with any string).

  1. You need to configure the DNS for the wildcard subdomain even in case you are using Netlify DNS. You can follow the external DNS configuration for subdomains and add a CNAME entry with * as the hostname or any other value that you want. The value of this DNS entry should be the Netlify site address.

If that sounds like something that would work, please let us know and we’d enable it for your site.