Adding Directories or SubDirectories to a Website

Does anyone know how to add directories to a website? i’m learning React.js and I know some node.js using express framework, but as long as i’m just building my React.js website and publishing it i really don’t know how to create different directories for other stuff like an About page or something. Is it something doable without having a Domain? or do i explicitly need my own domain to do that? otherwise how is it done? is it via Netlify’s own platform or does it have something to do with React.js (which i doubt because it’s supposed to be a front end development framework), anyways thanks for reading.

hi there, a couple of different questions in your post

You might get a lot out of this tutorial:

You don’t need a domain to create a site - with or without directories. You can use the netlify domain that is automatically created for you. When you are ready, you can then purchase a custom domain from a registrar and connect it to our service to make your site accessible via a custom domain.

Thanks alot! Cheers man

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