Adding a new SSG: JuDoc.jl

I was looking at the list of supported SSG. There is a new SSG using the Julia language being developed, JuDoc.jl. I wanted to find out what was the process for a new SSG to support deployment through Netlify (e.g., adding Julia to the build stage?). I have opened an issue in the repository as a feature request (see JuDoc.jl#208). Thanks!

Hi there,

This is the first we’ve heard of it, but always glad to hear about the ecosystem growing!

You could PR a change to our build-image to include Julia in the build (but as the docs there mention - this needs to be not a niche case and you’re the first person I’m aware of trying to use this SSG in Netlify, so we the team who maintains the build network may not be willing or quick to merge it based on low demand), so then people can add the JuDoc package during build, as shown in its installation instructions.

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Thanks for the information. The SSG is barely four months old so I suspect not that many people are using it yet and those using it are most are likely hosting the projects through GitHub pages since that’s the hosting method in the documentation of the SSG. I know the Julia community had been eager for a Julia SSG for a while now so it would also be good for reaching out to the Julia community about Netlify.

One more question, would building the site locally and pushing the site directory to Netlify be a workaround to having the build process automated for the moment?

Absolutely a way easier path! I’d recommend using the CLI to do that kind of deploy:

We’ll definitely consider adding Julia to the image if it’s small - we have though for instance turned down an entire LaTeX install since that was a HUGE binary. Julia seems to be almost 100MByte tar/gzipped so not sure it’s a great candidate either, but it may also be easy to PR (e.g. apt-get add julia added to the Dockerfile) so as soon as someone is motivated, it shouldn’t take long to get that contribution on our radar :slight_smile:

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