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Adding a Custom Domain You Don't Own


The company I work for has started using Netlify to host its static sites. Most of these sites are built for customers and we host and maintain them. This is the first time we’ve used Netlify and I’d like to add a customers subdomain to our Netlify sites “Custom domains” so they can CNAME to it without getting a 404.

I’ve tried adding sites and it normally works but this particular site produces the error “domain_aliases is owned by another account”.

Our Netlify site name is “times-whitelabel-comparison”, I can give you the details of the custom domain but I’d prefer not to on a public forum.

Any help would be much appreciated.


@sra405 Welcome to the Netlify community.

This error message usually means that this custom domain is linked already with Netlify. You need either to find that link and eliminate it or go through the site verification process.

Thanks Gregraven,

The problem is it’s a relatively large customer and there’s every chance the root domain is linked to another netlify account but they’re unaware and could’ve outsourced something similar to another companyc (who could’ve linked the site without them being aware).

I was just wondering if it’s possible to apply as specific subdomain to my sites Custom Domains list as they’ve set one up specifically.

Thanks again,

@sra405 If you are saying you can’t clear the condition from your side and you can’t establish control / ownership of the domain through the established procedure, you may be out of luck.

@gregraven I can’t for the full domain but our customers have setup the required CNAME for the subdomain. Unfortunately I can’t add the custom subdomain because somewhere along the line someone has registered the full domain (which they shouldn’t be able to do because they don’t have the correct ownership).

It’s all a little frustrating because we moved away from self-hosting and this wouldn’t have been an issue. The inclusion of registering a full domain to a single account to include any subdomain as a custom domain to a single site is flawed in my opinion.

I could really do with contacting a Netlify admin otherwise it looks like this isn’t a workable solution for us at the very last hurdle.

Hi, @sra405. Our support team has sent you an email about this. Note, as a member of a Pro plan team, you are always welcome to create helpdesk tickets for any issues or question. You are free to troubleshoot here as well (and we do encourage everyone to make use of this forum). However, you are also always allowed to make helpdesk tickets for any issues as well.

Please do reply here though if you do not see an email from us about the ticket (which is # 53787).

Thanks @luke I’ve received the email :slightly_smiling_face:

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